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DJ Obake, a music maker, main website. [Latest update: Mar.11, 2019]

What do you want to know about him?
Stupid daily thoughts and words... twitter.com/djobake
Whether it really works or not... obakedj.tumblr.com
What did you bother to come here to do?
Let me listen to something with free... soundcloud.com/djobake
I just want to get it... djobake.bandcamp.com
Have it been satisfied?
Actually I am interested in female singer... Her Ghost Friend
I definitely want to tell him (of course it's not spam)... mail@djobake.com
Her Ghost Friend, a fancy electronic pop unit, by Shinobu Ono and DJ Obake.
Information herghostfriend.tumblr.com
WAKUSEI, a music label of Her Ghost Friend.
Official Site wakuseimusic.net
Bandcamp wakusei.bandcamp.com
All rights reserved © 2011-2019 djobake / Her Ghost Friend / wakusei